Jane’s Journey

Jane describes her experience of being supported by the Redress Support Service whilst applying to Scotland’s Redress Scheme.

On starting this process, I believed I was a very well functioning adult with a crazy past that I hadn’t thought about in years. I was really hoping that by filling the form in that it could help improve the service for others in the future, by pointing out where it went wrong. As soon as I had the form, I was desperate to complete it, get it away again and behind me, so I could say that I done my part. I was very naïve. My world never fell apart, I have an amazing life that I have worked hard for, but it opened up a can of worms.

I felt frustrated and anxious at first, and a bit of rage at times that I couldn’t understand. 

I spoke to a Link Worker, I didn’t know from which area of the process she was from really at the time, but I was extremely thankful to her.

She spoke so calmly, had unlimited time for me and just let me know it was OK. I am not too open about communicating about my past but that was OK with her.

I was frustrated that I couldn’t prove all the things that had happened to me, she explained that no one was going to call me a liar or have a go at me.

I was frustrated waiting on the “process”. I had done everything correctly and then at one point another part of the process wanted me to prove my identity again. I was on holiday at this point, and I can’t really understand where my anger came from, but it was almost like I went back to being a young abused girl. The frustration of it not going smoothly just upset me so much, I told the person that wanted more ID just to cancel my whole application. I felt like a failure and had had enough, it was all too upsetting and frustrating. I called my Link Worker and told her what had happened, and she was very calm and understanding.

I would have definitely given up the process at that point but she helped me forward, asked to wait until my holiday was over and helped me with what to do. If she hadn’t been there, I think I would have managed to ruin my whole family holiday. But after speaking to her, I calmed down and enjoyed my holiday, and felt I could manage it when I came home, which I did.

I have been waiting a few months now and not heard much but my Link Worker is in contact every month, which we decided on together. She calls me regularly and I look forward to our chats. I like to talk about the impact that this could have and the outcomes that could positively help and being part of something so huge and important is powerful.  I think she knows that this is my main aim for doing this and she supports me in that, so we concentrate on that a lot.

My Link Worker has been calm, understanding, patient and she seems very empathetic and kind. I think she is incredibly knowledgeable about the process and is as passionate as I am about the outcomes this could change.

I am quite private about my past and haven’t actually talked about my personal events, but she is ok with that. She has never encouraged me to open up or delve into information, but I am absolutely sure if I did she would understand. The little I have spoken about personal experiences and what I am anxious about, she has taken the anxiety away and I am very grateful. 

It’s funny that I haven’t met her, but whatever happens in this process, she will be the first person I call. I am not going to lie, this has been one of the hardest and painful things I have had to do as an adult, but I am adamant that if I can help others, I will.

I will be forever grateful to my Link Worker for supporting me, and I am proud of every person that is going through this process. It is about making our future generation safer.