Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is the Redress Support Service for?

The service is open to anyone applying to Scotland’s Redress Scheme. We can support people who are applying themselves, including next of kin. We can also help people who are supporting someone else to apply.  

Is support free?

Yes. All support from the Redress Support Service is free to access. 

Can I access your support if I live abroad or outside of Scotland?

Yes. We support people across the UK and the world. We will work flexibly around the time differences.  

Will I be supported by the same Link Worker?

When you are referred to the Redress Support Service, you will be allocated a Link Worker who will be your point of contact and support you for as long as you need in your redress journey. Occasionally, there may be circumstances where we will need to change your Link Worker, but we will always try to keep the same Link Worker where we can.   

Do I need legal support to go through redress?

No, it is your choice whether to involve a solicitor or not.  You do not have to get legal help, but you can request it if you want. You can choose to work on the application yourself or with support from the Redress Support Service, or with legal support. Funding is available to support legal fees, however there are upper limits. We strongly advise that you speak to your Scottish Government Case Workers before your legal fees start. 

How do my Link Worker, Case Worker and Access to Records worker relate to each other?

The Case Worker will be your first point of contact for making an application for redress. They can advise on application requirements. They can connect you to the Redress Support Service if you would like additional support.  

At the Redress Support Service, you will have a Link Worker. They will be your main point of contact for additional support, like emotional support, practical support or help to access records. 

If you need help to access records, you can be connected with an Access to Records worker at Birthlink or Wellbeing Scotland. They are experts in helping people to access records of their time in care. 

Is support provided by trained counsellors or psychologists?

No. Link Workers are not qualified counsellors. They are trained in providing emotional support and in working with people in a compassionate way to explore how to support their wellbeing. We do not provide psychological support to process experiences of abuse or trauma. 

I have ended support with my Link Worker, can I contact you again if I need more support in relation to Redress?

Yes. We will support you for as long as you need.  

Many people don’t need continuous support throughout their redress journey, so they may choose to end support with their Link Worker.   

If you need more support in future in relation to redress, you can phone the Emotional Support Helpline or request a re-referral from the Caseworker team.   

Can I access the Redress Support Service if I am already supported by Future Pathways?

Yes. You can be supported by the Redress Support Service in your redress journey, and also be working with Future Pathways at the same time. If you need support with your redress application, we can help you.